Black spot roses

Black spot roses

Question: black spot roses

my roses have been affected by the black spot on the leaves and are losing them all how can i cure them?

How can I make a rose plant that has too thin branches and produces small flowers even more robust despite trying to fertilize it.

thank you

Answer: black spot roses

Dear Virna, welcome to our website, the site dedicated to gardening that offers its readers the opinion of experts able to solve problems with plants. Its roses, which have black spots on the upper side, have taken the scab, a disease of fungal origin caused by a branch of the fungi of the genus Venturia which causes the browning of a part of the leaf. The scab occurs more frequently in particularly humid and rainy seasons and in domestic and closed environments it occurs where there is little air circulation.

This fungus causes a reduction in photosynthesis which is followed by the fall of the leaves of the plant. To remedy and combat the scab, the infected leaves must be eliminated promptly and appropriate interventions must be implemented during the vegetative rest period, such as, for example, treatments with Bordeaux mixture or other copper-based substances. The real prevention of scab lies in correct irrigation and correct planting, neither too high nor too low compared to the ground level. Once the fungus is present on the plant and it is found that the removal of the leaves alone is insufficient, it is possible to resort to fungicides such as Mancozeb, Dithane and Propiconazole.

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