Steel swimming pools

Steel swimming pools

What are

Steel pools are chosen by those who want to have an underground pool model made directly with steel panels. Steel is a non-deformable material that has certain characteristics that make it quite durable over time.


It is difficult to recognize at first glance the constituent material of steel pools. They fall into the specific category of in-ground pools, so it is necessary to estimate a rather long average construction time because it is necessary to carry out the excavation. Some companies specializing in the construction of steel pools follow a procedure that leads to the obtaining and testing of the pool within approximately one week from the beginning of the works. The customer must first decide what shape to give to their pool and above all what kind of depth. Please also remember that where there are children who do not have a swimming pool of their own, it is preferable that this has an area where the water is rather low to allow them to play safely. After choosing the type of pool, it is necessary to indicate the place in which to install it. Thus began the excavation work and the lining is carried out through a series of steel panels that will be perfectly welded to each other. The work must be carried out with a certain precision and meticulousness. A sheet is positioned inside the tank and then we proceed with the creation of a water purification system. Before being used, the pool must be tested to verify that it is working properly. During the night, to keep the water temperature reached during the day unchanged, you can use a thermal sheet or a system of rolling shutters. The water purification action must be continuous to ensure perfect cleaning. However, it is advisable to carry out a superficial cleaning and always check the filtering system, in case it requires maintenance.

How to choose it

The steel pool is an excellent alternative to solutions already on the market for those who want to have an inground pool. The choice must be made always keeping in mind the actual space of your garden to avoid placing a too large swimming pool that would occupy the entire area without giving the possibility of having other spaces to exploit. The retailer can always provide advice to the customer in the choice phase, even if he will always decide. Anyone who wants a swimming pool suitable for swimming must have a rather large space that allows him to install a steel pool with a certain depth. These are specific characteristics that the customer must immediately communicate to the retailer, since in most cases the pool is chosen only as a place to cool off during the hot summer days.

Where to buy

Steel pools can be purchased at stores specializing in the sale of pools. Not all companies implement this particular model and for this reason it is necessary to inquire in advance. The phases relating to the construction of the pool are all carried out with some attention so that the customer can be satisfied with the work done. If malfunctions occur even in the water purification system itself, you must always contact the company that installed the pool, requesting immediate intervention, otherwise you risk not being able to use the pool for some time.


The cost of a swimming pool is relative to its size, so everyone will have to request a quote to get an idea of ​​the cost of the pool itself. Eventually you can also ask for a comparison between two different models and choose the one that appears most appropriate. In addition to the cost of the steel pool, maintenance costs must be taken into account throughout the year. It is always an inground pool which, compared to an above ground plastic pool, requires a higher expense. For this reason it is always good to also consider other alternatives that may prove to be more convenient, such as choosing steel pools with a smaller size and depth. For this reason, estimates are always useful to deal with the expense that will have to be incurred with greater serenity. In the event that it is an inground pool, it is good to organize the work during the construction phase of the garden.

Steel swimming pools: swimming pools: steel swimming pools

The range of outdoor swimming pools products in recent years has grown a lot especially to meet the space needs of different garden owners.

The spaces of a garden are not always appropriate and adequate to host an inground pool and for this reason the pool product category has also extended to above ground.

Above ground pools do not need to be excavated and therefore can be placed on the ground.

Among the most used materials for in-ground pools are reinforced concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Concrete and steel especially since prefabricated monoblocks became widespread.

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