Verses and sounds emitted by the common seal

Verses and sounds emitted by the common seal


The verses of the common seal

The common seal, scientific name Phoca vitulina of the family Phocidaeit is a mammal adapted to live in the marine environment. They emit a series of very special sounds listed below.

If you want to get to know this animal better, consult the technical sheet: THE COMMON FOCA

Newborn makes strange sounds

My baby makes strange sounds #neon #Bimbi born in 2008. See more. Your browser cannot view this video. August 20, 2008 at 10:31. Hello, my little girl also makes strange noises, but cm if she was always out of breath. I like it Helpful answer! August 20. I have never heard other babies make these noises and it seems really strange to me .. thanks! It is normal, newborns have very small nasal passages, passing the air creates these noises. This is the explanation that the pediatrician gave me, even my daughter has always done this during her sleep and she has suffered a lot from reflux, I think the reason was precisely this Laryngitis newborn strange verses. 16.01.2012 13 When he was younger he made a sound similar to a grunt and the head of pediatrics explained to us that it was due to a cartilage that.

If you notice that the baby suddenly makes strange noises a few minutes after eating, it may be because there are still remnants of milk in his airways. In these cases, it is recommended to wait for it to pass, but if it does not pass, you can try giving it some water to improve the situation. 2-3 months It calms down with the voice of the mother, with the sounds coming from a toy or with music. If the auditory stimulus comes from a point outside his visual field, he turns to look for its origin. A two months, the child is able to perceive sounds of different intensity and tonality. Between 3 and 4 months the baby recognizes the voice of the parents and begins to articulate some consonants (M, K, G, P and B) and some vowels. Between 5 and 6 months he begins to laugh and emit sounds that seem to be real words (the so-called lallation). If placed on his back (back), the baby stands still with his arms and hands stretched out. It does not flex the arms and legs. When he is gently seated, he cannot control his head even for a few seconds. If the baby is held vertically, his legs do not push against the surface, eg the floor

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  1. Agitation and strange cries of newborns. 11 March 2009 by D.ssa Daniela Sannicandro Leave a comment. I also noticed that a few days ago some strange noises with the tongue, as if it clicked and this even when awake, when he is about to wake up.
  2. Noises and babble are characteristic of growth up to 7 months. The little ones emit sounds in a repetitive way but it is possible to differentiate their modality from that for which an autistic syndrome that has a different rhythm is suspected
  3. Winks, twisting of the neck, shrugging of the shoulders, grimaces of the face but also the constant scratching of the throat, sniffling, snorting, grunting and in more complex cases the habit of repeating words out of context and profanity and repeating the last heard sounds or the last gestures observed. This is how, in general, nervous tics occur in children, which are divided into the two.
  4. It is a noise whose vibrations can be felt by placing the hands on the baby's back. The noise is caused by the vibrations of the air inhaled by the child, who finds a partial obstacle in the ..

White noise for newborns is a familiar, repetitive sound that helps them relax and fall asleep. Whether it is the noise of the kitchen hood on, the sound of the hairdryer or the vacuum cleaner, these constant and repetitive sounds have the power to eliminate the unpleasant ones by focusing on the pleasant ones Hypersensitivity to certain sounds or lights, they are easily irritated with certain sounds or lights, how could it be a blender, microwave, the sound of the wind or a jackhammer. When it is at a large distance from the source, it sometimes calms down. His sense of hearing is hypersensitive. The baby makes vocal sounds like oh and ah. Engage him in the conversation with phrases such as: now I'll change your diaper, or it's time for lunch. The little one will look at you in raptures and will try to imitate your sounds. Advice for mothers

The arrival of a baby is a happy moment, but at the same time traumatic for mom and dad, who have a thousand doubts and uncertainties. How to deal with the event in the right way? Here are some tips to face the first week of a newborn's life, from birth to the first checks, from breastfeeding to life at home.Then there is the question of the cat, which will surely be surprised by the presence of this new member of the family that almost attracts all the attention of his human friends, he makes strange sounds and moves in a strange way. Many families treat their pet as if it were a member of the family and even their child It just so happens that, for various reasons, newborns and infants of a few months often breathe very loudly, emitting, especially during sleep, small grunts and strange sounds which, to the inexperienced and too pricked ears of the inevitably anxious parents, seem like noise of phlegm and stuffy nose Before we rush to the phone to call the pediatrician, we have a list of all the weird, but completely normal, things to know about babies. Cradle hood. It is a greasy, yellowish, scaly rash that appears in patches on the scalp of newborn babies. The highest rated word has 6 letters and starts with

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  • Since the child is driven by a natural urge to pay attention to the human voice, we should not be surprised if the first intentional sounds often emit them in a social situation, when an adult holds him in her arms or entertains him by playing with him.
  • THE NEWBORN MAKES SOUNDS The baby makes guttural sounds, it also happens that he snores while he sleeps! BABY'S CRYES For new parents, identifying and understanding the baby's different cries is one of the hardest things
  • Wheezing is a symptom characterized by continuous, high-pitched breath noises that overlap the normal sound of breathing. These noises, similar to whistles, are produced by the oscillation of the walls of a small airway, narrow or compressed, when it is crossed by the flow of air

Flash78 asked in Pregnancy and parents Babies and children · 8 years ago My little girl is giving out weird rales. my baby is 20 days old. when he sleeps during the day, everything is fine. but at night things get worse: it makes strange sounds. it sounds like a mixture between a boiling coffee pot and the grunt of a wild boar. it almost seems that it is hard to breathe Understanding the body language of the newborn. In addition to the sound of crying, babies communicate through facial expressions, gestures and body postures. Tracy Hogg, the world's smartest child care nurse, has compiled the following hand-to-toe chart to help parents read the baby's non-verbal language

Breathing noises fall into two categories: normal and abnormal. These noises come from the lungs, when you inhale or exhale, and can be heard while breathing or thanks to a stethoscope, breathing noises can indicate lung problems such as obstructions, inflammation or infections.Generally used to indicate the sound emitted by birds. the verb coo, The excited cat making strange noises 1.718. 7 things you don't know about the meat market 91 The signals that babies use to communicate. The various types of crying, sounds and movements with which a child tries to make us understand something This sound is generated when the child puts his lips to o, before yawning. 4 # Heh: Something is bothering me !. The baby makes this sound to communicate discomfort or stress, it could be, for example, time to change the diaper. 5 # Eairh (Ieo, Ieu): stomach ache, gas The sleep of the newborn it differs from that of an adult in many aspects, both quantitative and qualitative. In the very first weeks of life a newborn sleeps an average of 16 hours a day. In this phase, the sleep-wake rhythm is rather irregular and individual therefore varies from newborn to newborn and is characterized by a slightly longer wakefulness at night

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. First of all: the cat will see the child almost as an otherworldly being. This is because he will make sounds he has never heard before (crying, moaning, etc.) that will obviously make him look strange to his eyes.No one expected the baby to laugh so hard it looked like an animal! Seeing how happy she is to spend time with the family is really lovely and we're sure the family will re-watch this video from time to time for a laugh. The sound he makes is so strange that you have to listen to it to believe it. When he wasn't crying, he still made strange sounds, as well as continuous sobbing. At first we didn't understand why he was constantly complaining. Only by inquiring about reflux did we understand that milk kept going up and down between feedings and caused him to burn in his stomach and throat.

We were [Infant of 1 strange lines and movements. Newborn of 1 strange verses and movements. 19.01.2013 22:19:04. Former user. then she always strains and turns red and does it x until she eats. Babies communicate with their parents even when they cannot speak yet. They make their needs known by making sounds. Newborn complains in sleep. Tiredness and sleep in the newborn - THE NEWBORN COMPLAINES IN SLEEP Another characteristic of the newborn's sleep is that the more tired he is, the worse he sleeps and this also happens to us adults. Some moms say let's get him tired a little more so he falls asleep quickly The first sounds emitted by the little guy are beautiful attempts to spell names and words that for adults have a meaning, very often, only emotional. The child tries to emit sounds like ma-naa na -ma or pa-na-n a: these are not complete words but are those first syllables that allow him to start his path towards language

Precise description. From the analysis of these two tones, scientists were able to calculate the mass and angular momentum of the newly formed black hole, as predicted by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. so-called no-hair or essentiality theorem, according to which all the others. Question. When does a baby start seeing? Dr. Roberto Gindro. A newborn is initially able to focus clearly only on objects and people at a distance within about 30 cm, the ideal distance to look into the eyes of mom or dad beyond this threshold the vision becomes blurred as in the case of myopia Up to 10 months Pre-verbal stage: smiles, vocalizes, recognizes voice, emits syllabic sounds (lallation) 1 year First words, onomatopoeic sounds 15-20 months Name and indicates, repeats words heard, word-phrase 2 years Simple phrases, vocabulary of over 20 words 3 years Structuring of a complete sentence Until a few months ago he emitted sounds and cries, the classic dadada, babababmamm, indicated his favorite cartoon and his little brother saying to what he wanted to call them. For some time now he hasn't made those sounds anymore and if we simply name mom or the name of his little brother or his favorite cartoon, he cries, as if he didn't know how to pronounce the word Con coma (also called comatose state) in medicine it indicates a profound unconscious state that does not respond or ceases with tactile, auditory or painful stimuli, in which the patient - called comatose subject - cannot be awakened, has his eyes closed, does not perform voluntary actions and has lost the sleep / wake cycle. The coma comes

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To alarm mom and dad are the strange and incomprehensible noises that the baby makes during the day, especially in conjunction with baby food and naps. These sounds are generally interpreted by anxious parents, as an unmistakable alarm bell announcing the arrival of a bad cold. Coughs with a strange sound. 23 October 2009 by D.ssa Daniela Sannicandro Leave a comment. Good morning doctor, but certainly for a few months, it happens that when the baby has a cough it emits a seal-like sound. Attention, it happens because maybe his saliva goes wrong, he has never had a cough or a cold. The sound and the ultrasounds emitted by the dolphins, in fact, A Chinese nurse exposes a newborn to the sun to prevent the appearance of jaundice, a not serious disorder linked to the limited liver function of newborn children and which is treated through phototherapy If at 4 years old he pronounces all consonants badly, emits nasal sounds and does not conjugate verbs. Advice for parents with children with speech impairments. Parents need to understand that children learn by imitation, by feeling the people next to them. For this reason, you have to talk a lot with them, using simple and clear language

Development of the newborn as it changes from 0 to 6 mes

Baby monitors: what and why to use them. Supervising children is probably one of the most difficult tasks for a parent. Precisely for this reason today we want to talk to you about baby monitors and why you would do well to use them .. If there is one thing you have surely learned in these first months as a parent, it is that children are unpredictable. Forum - Newborn: RE: I born August: Newborn, infant

It is the babbling or the babble of children who after the first warbling and the first sounds emitted, begin to articulate Only later they begin to understand that behind those strange acoustic effects the words are hidden, and this, as claimed by a 15-month-old baby, will take for the same operation. Land turtles, like aquatic specimens, are known for their unique appearanceThey are in fact characterized by the presence of a dorsal protective shield, known as the carapace, and by the ventral plastron. The tortoises tend to be docile and calm, unable to emit noises and to manifest discomfort if not retracting inside the carapace.

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Children don't just speak in words! In children, the development of language constitutes an articulated path, characterized by phases that must not be interpreted in a rigid way and that are not necessarily the same for everyone. In fact, children can have different timing and trends. For this reason, before worrying if your child does not speak, it is appropriate. Autism is a complex brain disorder that involves many aspects of a child's development, including the way they speak, play and interact. Although the causes of autism are not fully known, experts agree that it is best to intervene as soon as possible in the treatment of symptoms of autistic children. The term newborn, literally new born, is occasionally referred to with the word baby. , is a hybrid term borrowed from the Greek and Latin.It can refer to children and puppies of all animals, in the various period of time and proportional to the different physiological developments in the different species, however included, for mammals, within the period of weaning What causes rumbling in the stomach after eating. Features of the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach problems and methods for their diagnosis My dog ​​always cries, How to teach him not to cry? It is true that the dog makes different sounds throughout the day and night: crying, barking, moaning and other sounds that you may find strange. It often happens that the dog cannot control these sounds which can express pain, can cause a decline in hearing or even a symptom of dysfunction syndrome.

0 to 12 months. Normal Development and Signs of Delay.

  • It emits cries, pronounces sounds such as: da da da, vvvvvv, ga ga ga, and rare times but but but, but nothing else (the barking started around 11 months but has not increased the type of sounds since then. general the frequency of the barking is very low and for a few seconds)
  • Why is the belly rumbling? The sounds and rumblings derive from involuntary contractions and peristaltic movements within the digestive system, and are useful in absorbing the nutrients contained in food through the action of digestive enzymes and gastric juices
  • Guttural sounds (2 months). It makes consonant sounds. Has a voice conversation (6 months). It emits repetitive syllables (8 months). Introduce the first words (12 months). Language acquires intonations, with gestures and vocalizations to attract attention, show or ask for things. Presents cries that are difficult to interpret
  • Hypotonia of the newborn neck of or other words emits sounds similar to those that eyebrows if I make a strange noise, the environment has been exploring it since it was born right away.

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Maybe am I weird? I wonder. maybe a baby is born who doesn't let you sleep at night and you need to but for sure at the same time I emit sounds and do not exceed the thresholds of. Unimamme, today we have to give you news of a miraculous discovery: that of a newborn just a few days old found still alive at the bottom of a well in Australia .. The incredible discovery was made by a cyclist, a certain David Otte, who was passing by. by chance and, hearing some strange moans, he approached noticing that under a very thick stone slab, over 2 meters of. Babies, a word we hear often and which refers to children and also to puppies of all animal species. It derives from the Latin, new born, often replaced with the name baby in the Italian language. One thing not many people know, however, is that the term newborn can only be used to mean the first 28 days of a baby's development, corresponding more. Just 380,000 years after the Big Bang, the Universe emits a high-pitched sound that almost resembles the cry of a newborn baby. Then follows a low tone like that of the double bass sometimes sounds like a roar. There are those who compare the sound of the Big Bang to the roar of an airplane flying low in the silence of the night Other types of sounds for good sleep. White noise isn't one of the many sounds that can help you sleep well. It's useful for blocking out outside noise, but you can do a lot more. The same white noise is of different types: a hairdryer on is a white noise, but it is not very useful for sleeping well

Autism in children: how to recognize it and what to do

  • uti, then you have to get up or move or find something else to do
  • Practical tips for understanding how to calm an upset dog. Analyzing the practical experience I had with an agitated dog I will explain to you what are the causes and the practical and immediate solutions that you can apply immediately to reduce its energy and thus save your home and your relationship.
  • During the entire respiratory cycle the sound is emitted regularly every 30-40 milliseconds there is a short pause between the inspiratory and expiratory phases. The researchers also performed electromyograms on various muscles to figure out which ones might be directly involved in the emission of sound
  • As soon as the sound is pronounced, Clearly it is an involuntary sound emitted by the newborn, 1:00 We hear strange noises and then suddenly comes the landslide that sweeps everything away
  • He responds less if we call him, he no longer chatters while playing but emits strange noises or always says the same syllable. Every now and then he looks at his hand and laughs or turns his eyes sideways and laughs, in short, it seems really strange

Treat tinnitus with sound therapy. There are several methods and techniques to mask the buzzing with special devices: Use a device that emits white noise, that is a background sound, such as the ticking of the rain or the hiss of the wind, useful for muffling the ringing in the ears. dehumidifiers and air conditioners also produce a. Forum - Newborn: children of 2009: Parents chat. The first time on Miobambino? Here you can take a look at what Mybaby is and how it can help you. | Read more It will seem strange to you that such a small child is able to burp, which almost scares them. You'll get used to it. What is baby burp? A burp (or if you prefer) is nothing more than the emission of gas bubbles from the stomach to the mouth

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  • uti without oxygen for permanent brain damage to occur after 4 or 6
  • single breath. When your baby catches his breath he makes a high-pitched sound, like a scream. Other symptoms. Before the cough starts, the child has cold-like symptoms for a week but without fever. The cough can be very intense and cause seizures or a temporary stop in breathing. Probably guilty
  • Instead, it reinforces relaxed behaviors with respect to potential anxiety agents with treats, cuddles, play or food. The cat's hearing, like its sense of smell, is much better than ours, so it will be advisable to make it listen, initially at a very low volume, to the sounds emitted by a newborn: wailing, gurgling and screeching.
  • 2) When you think about it, it sounds weird loud. Those who laugh tend to make sounds like ha-ha, ho-ho or he-he, repeating them every fifth of a second. Someone, while laughing, makes the noise of the pig, or emits other decidedly bizarre sounds. It almost seems like an animal or tribal call. 3) We hardly ever laugh at jokes
  • How do babies communicate? At the moment of birth, the child uses only instincts, that is, those reflex actions that are transmitted to him by nature, through the genetic patrimony received from the parents. Infants therefore have innate communication skills, which are used to establish the first human contacts: in this way they can receive [
  • The cold of newborns does not exist during sleep especially, small grunts and strange sounds that, to the inexperienced and too pricked ears of the inevitably anxious parents, It does not matter that the child, while making these sounds, keeps his mouth tightened, or is blissfully attached to the nipple of his.

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At one year, a child still does not speak, but has nevertheless developed the ability to make himself understood by his family, modulating the pitch of his voice while emitting those strange sounds that try to imitate real words I'm not really sure if Sophie the giraffe is just as famous here in Italy as it is in the rest of Europe, so I want to let you know. Yes, it is a toy but at the same time a product for the teething phase. Here you will find Sophie in three different versions, including one that makes a sound when crushed Nenuco Recién Nacido Bambola con Suoni di Bebe (Famous 700012123): Pressing his tummy and hand will emit the verses of a real newborn. Includes cover. (STRANGE SIZE) Arrived with dead batteries. I replaced the batteries, I spent 6 euros Why the newborn he will cry constantly, suffer from colic and therefore complain a lot. All these symptoms will make you restless. As your digestive system is taking shape, it will be common for you to suffer from problems such as constipation, which will cause you to emit sounds as if you were pushing because it costs you to have to evacuate

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  • 9) As the Newborn Universe sang and the musical scale of the Cosmic Piano 10) Therefore, having established that the sounds in the Cosmos exist, but they are not as we imagine them nor can we receive them with our auditory system, let's see then how to hear them . >>>> & gt
  • HERSITY Multi-Activity Table Kids Music Games Activity Table with Lights and Sounds Grow and Learn Table Toys Newborn Toddler - very well done. Federica Bartoli 3 July 2020 3 July 2020. Akokie Clock.
  • and are far from deaf, and can perceive sounds above 30 decibels, various other explanations have been put forward to justify these sounds: it is possible that the fem
  • Those who live with a cat will know for sure that, in certain situations, this animal not only uses body language to communicate, but also jerky meows, similar to gurglings that can vary in length and intensity depending on the circumstances in which it finds itself. the cat and its state of mind .. Thanks to their extremely sensitive hearing, felines respond to vocal stimuli.
  • As a mother of two dyspeptic children (that is, who have suffered from reflux) I cannot refrain from dealing with this topic, telling you, as I always do, a little about us. Matteo suffered from mild reflux, Niccolò from severe reflux. When a few hours after giving birth, Niccolò started regurgitating amniotic fluid and becoming cyanotic, I already understood what I was going to meet: a.

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The breaks can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, up to even more than 30 in an hour. Breathing usually resumes normally, in some cases accompanied by loud snoring. Sleep apnea is usually a chronic (continuous) disease that disturbs sleep and when breathing stops or slows the patient often goes into deep sleep to a sleep. Voice quality can also be observed when the person makes a long sound. The doctor usually identifies the type of tremor based on its characteristics and the results of the anamnesis and physical examination Oskar makes these sounds when he finds the food particularly tasty and especially when there is no one at home these very sweet noises are emitted by the cat then when he is alone. In this regard, it is therefore now clear why the owner has hidden the camera. The sounds emitted are so controlled, words are possible: a language disciplines and socializes. In it (as well as in the cry) emotions flow and discharge their energies. but also it is stated who, speaking (or shouting) in the gesture of expressing and saying imposes his I am After all, just like most prey, a kitten makes sometimes shrill sounds, and moves quickly and irregularly, erratically . Anyone who has ever wondered why male cats attack kittens has certainly found some answers in this article

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But let's come to the moment of Kaspar Hauser's appearance in the streets of Nuremberg. The first to spot him are two shoemakers: they see him go down the street hesitantly, they approach but they can't get anything out of the strange sounds he emits. He is holding a card with the address of the cavalry captain. A chat: Whenever your child makes repeating sounds after him, however answer him in some way, to encourage him to continue exercising his vocal cords 1 month old baby. Touch different fabrics and materials: look in the wardrobe and in the house for objects of different materials to stimulate his touch. Mothers And Babies: Opting for nebulization for your baby could make you think about his need. Having more information about it and understanding the different aspects can help you stay informed and make your decision firmly. Read more about baby nebulizer and types. side effects and tips

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A somewhat strange patient. A patient tells me: When I was a child, during all elementary school, I had to take numerous breaks between one activity and another because I needed to download my tic of the moment, oh how many have I had nervous tics as a child! in the world of nervous tics! The most insidious tic was the one in which I continually squinted and. Reflux in infants: how to recognize it. Some symptoms of reflux in infants: small mouthfuls of milk one, two or more hours after feeding, strange sounds emitted from the mouth, almost labored breathing (similar to when we adults have indigestion), crying and moaning when try to place it horizontally in the bed In daily work in contact with patients with pacemakers or defibrillators, it often happens that you have to answer the many questions that people ask about these implanted devices, the limitations they have to undergo, what they can do and what should they avoid and so on. Pregnancy and Fido? Posted on February 24, 2015. Author: NADIA SAMPAOLESI When the stork arrives in a family with a dog to bring a child together with the emotion that this event causes, thoughts directed towards our 4-legged friends are also mixed. What will happen when the baby arrives? The dog could be dangerous for the little one

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DOWNLOAD VERSES OF ANIMALS MP3 FROM - mp3, .wav, to use as ringtones for mobile phones, background music for videos, sound effects dedicated to animals. The sounds of animals, dogs, cats. The sounds emitted by animals: songs, verses and sounds of birds, reptiles, terrestrial mammals and aquatic mammals, spiders, insects A breakthrough in the investigation of the killer of Eleonora Manta and Daniele De Santis, killed on the evening of 21 September in Lecce. The killer was arrested a few minutes ago. The details shortly during a press conference convened for 22.30 at the headquarters of the provincial command of the carabinieri in via.

“It's weird,” a friend tells me on the phone, “that you can write about sex and we nurtured our newborn bond exclusively over the phone. That is, we wooed each other verbally. There is a sound of sheets and giggles, then I start to hear my moans. Si scopre che anche quando faccio sesso emetto suoni in. Se fido emette suoni acuti, la coda è bassa e lo sguardo assente, molto probabilmente è in corso un problema di salute. Il guaito è una richiesta di aiuto urgente, qualcosa gli provoca dolore e, se ha difficoltà a muoversi o deambula, è necessario l'intervento di un veterinario Ebbene sì, come tutti gli altri esseri viventi anche la Terra ha voce, emette un incredibile suono nello Spazio che mai, prima d'ora, era stato possibile ascoltare. Dalla Nasa ci arrivano questi fantastici suoni che hanno stupito anch'essa, è la voce della Terra, che tuttavia non parla da sola, poiché è come se dialogasse con lo Spazio

L’orca Wikie ha imparato a “parlare” come un essere umano: l’audio

in foto: L’orca Wikie con sua figlia

Per la prima volta un'orca (Orcinus orca) ha imparato a imitare suoni non legati al linguaggio dei cetacei, tra i quali diverse parole umane come “bye bye”, “hello” e altri termini semplici. Naturalmente non significa che questi magnifici mammiferi marini hanno imparato a parlare la nostra lingua, ma si tratta dell'ennesima dimostrazione della loro straordinaria intelligenza, che mette in luce una spiccata capacità nell'apprendimento vocale. Nel 2014 alcuni esemplari di orca avevano già dimostrato di aver imparato a replicare il “delfinese”, nello specifico i click e i suoni emessi dal alcuni tursiopi – le orche del resto non sono altro che grossi delfini -, ma oggi sappiamo che possono andare oltre i versi dei cetacei.

Protagonista della vicenda un'orca femmina di 17 anni chiamata Wikie, che purtroppo non è libera in natura ma vive in cattività è una delle controverse “attrazioni” al Marineland Aquarium di Antibes, in Francia. Il cetaceo in passato aveva già ricevuto una sorta di corso introduttivo all'imitazione, e anche grazie ad esso un team internazionale di ricerca è riuscito a fargli imparare suoni – come una porta che cigola – e soprattutto parole umane. Wikie è così abile che può imparare nuovi termini entro una decina di tentativi. Per tre di essi vi è riuscita persino al primo. Potete ascoltare la sua "voce" qui di seguito.

L'imitazione delle parole non è sempre precisa, ma è evidente l'intento dell'animale di calibrare i suoni per adattarli a quelli dell'istruttrice. Ad oggi sono noti soltanto i casi di altri tre mammiferi in grado di replicare distintamente parole umane: un beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) nel 2012 una foca comune (Phoca vitulina) nel 1985 e un elefante asiatico (Elephas maximus) nel 2012. Le performance imitative di uccelli come pappagalli, merli e altre specie sono invece piuttosto note. Straordinaria la capacità di un uccello lira nell'imitare i suoni di strumenti e giocattoli “ascoltati” all'Healesville Sanctuary, un parco naturale in Australia.

Tornando all'orca Wikie, per quanto sia affascinante sapere che questi cetacei possono persino imitare la nostra voce, deve comunque far riflettere che si tratta di un animale privato della sua dignità e della libertà. Le orche sono creature oceaniche che vivono in pod – gruppi famigliari – dove si “parlano” addirittura dialetti specifici, uno diverso dall'altro. Wikie non ha potuto imparare il proprio per colpa dell'avidità dell'uomo. Non è un caso che i risultati di questa ricerca, pubblicati sulla rivista scientifica Proceedings of the Royal Society B., siano stati tacciati di non avere alcun valore scientifico. Non si può inoltre escludere che le imitazioni di Wikie verranno sfruttate anche per far "divertire" il pubblico pagante, alimentando l'ingiusto mercato dei cetacei in cattività.

Progetto Whalesafe: in funzione sistema che rileva suoni emessi da capodogli

Il progetto Whalesafe per la conservazione dei capodogli (Physeter macrocephalus) è entrato nella sua fase più importante

Il progetto Whalesafe per la conservazione dei capodogli (Physeter macrocephalus) è entrato nella sua fase più importante: la rilevazione dei suoni emessi dai capodogli, che ne rivelano la presenza e la posizione, e l’analisi dei dati raccolti che consentirà di attivare il sistema di alert alle navi in entrata e in uscita dal porto di Vado Ligure per evitare possibili collisioni con i cetacei. Lo annuncia Costa Edutainment. Il progetto Whalesafe, cofinanziato dall’Unione Europea attraverso il programma Life+, è coordinato dall’ Università di Genova (Dipartimento di Fisica e Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, dell’Ambiente e della Vita) insieme ai seguenti partner: Costa Edutainment, Direzione Marittima di Genova Capitaneria di Porto di Savona e Softeco Sismat.

È in funzione un sistema che determina la presenza dei capodogli tramite l’ascolto dei segnali sonori emessi da questi grandi mammiferi marini. L’unità di ascolto è costituita da una boa, denominata Adelina, ancorata su un fondale scosceso a una profondità di 400 metri davanti al porto di Vado.

La boa è corredata di pannelli fotovoltaici, di un sistema di rilevazione acustica, costituito da quattro idrofoni, e di un sistema di trasmissione dati a terra.

L’unità di ascolto riceve due segnali provenienti dal capodoglio: il primo è il suono diretto e il secondo quello riflesso dalla superficie del mare. Un computer posto sulla boa elabora i segnali e determina la direzione di arrivo del raggio sonoro e quindi la posizione del capodoglio e la sua rotta di spostamento.

Nel Comune di Bergeggi è posto il computer principale, che riceve i dati dalla boa mediante wi-fi grazie a un’antenna parabolica ospitata. Il computer e il sistema di immagazzinamento sono in rete con il Dipartimento di Fisica dell’Università di Genova consentendo ai ricercatori di avere accesso ai dati in tempo reale.

In sei settimane di funzionamento il sistema ha registrato i suoni di diversi cetacei, in particolare nei primi giorni di luglio ha identificato la presenza di capodogli in transito nell’area di mare davanti al porto di Vado e grazie alle informazioni acquisite ha permesso il 13 di luglio l’avvistamento di due individui. Sul sito del progetto sarà presto inserita una cartina che consentirà di vedere il numero degli individui rilevati, il luogo in cui stavano transitando e il giorno.

Oltre al sistema di monitoraggio, è stato sviluppato un protocollo di condotta per ridurre i rischi di disturbo e di collisione che ad oggi è già stato firmato da Costa Crociere e da altri enti e organizzazioni che operano nell’area interessata. La fase successiva del progetto prevede l’attivazione del sistema di segnalazione della presenza dei capodogli alle navi in ingresso e in uscita dal Porto di Vado. Al momento del ricevimento dei messaggi di avviso, le navi presenti nell’area saranno invitate a seguire il protocollo e la Capitaneria di Porto di Savona supervisionerà la sua applicazione.

Grazie al coinvolgimento di tutte le parti interessate dal traffico marittimo nell’area, il progetto intende perseguire concretamente il miglioramento della protezione dei capodogli, favorendo la coesistenza sostenibile di questa specie di cetaceo con le attività antropiche e promuovendo azioni per l’utilizzo responsabile del mare. Il traffico marittimo può causare seri problemi ai capodogli, sia per le possibili collisioni, sia per l’inquinamento acustico.

Il verso del coccodrillo: il trimbulare

Una famosa canzone del 1993 diceva: "Il coccodrillo come fa? Non c'è nessuno che lo sa". In verità, questa è una bugia. Questo rettile anfibio, che come gli alligatori fa parte dell'ordine dei Crocodylia ma differisce da questi ultimi per caratteristiche fisiche, è infatti un animale molto rumoroso che comunica con i versi sin da quando è ancora nell'uovo, da dove richiama l'attenzione della mamma. Il suo trimbulare è caratterizzato da un insieme di suoni gravi, tremuli e acuti.